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  1. Rezafo

    How to make learners speak more?

    My methods are these: 1- I would ask them add more details to their saying; If went to a party, they should explain how did they there there? what happened there? why they liked or disliked the event? how they came back home? Nothing happened on the way to and back from there. 2- Use the...
  2. Rezafo

    A question about "if clauses"

    I read below in Oxford English Grammar Course, Micheal Swan & Catherine Walter: He won't come tomorrow if he came yesterday. I'd like to hear explanation about this. What type of conditional is it? And, I've never seen "future tense" and "past tense in "if sentence". Thank you.
  3. Rezafo

    Please suggest correction. summary of an article.

    Electricity power drawn up by not-working equipment The article is revealing not only interesting to know but an altering information about all the electric equipment and devices we use them every day in our daily life. The information goes through the details of how much electrically can a...
  4. Rezafo

    Please suggest corrections, and assess the potential score on this task-2

    Task 2, IETLS, In a number of countries, some people think it is necessary to spend large sums of money on constructing new railway lines for very fast trains between cities. Others believe the money should be spent on improving existing public transport. Discuss both these views and give your...
  5. Rezafo

    Is it a Gerund Phrase?

    [ Please send me the number below the bar-code of the new order, making sure it’s correct and precise. ] If we want to explain about this sentence that why progressive tense of "make" has been used, should we say because it's a gerund phrase? And, it plays the role as a conjunction?
  6. Rezafo

    all of that or all of them / those ?

    Why singular pronounce has been used in the following sentence? ("that" in red). it sounds to be "all of them". My own explanation is the person is taking "that" as a whole thing. A woman called our airline customer-service desk asking if she could take her dog on board. “Sure,” I said, “as...
  7. Rezafo

    What does "female" mean in this chart?

    Please open the file and tell me what "female" means in one of the sub column's titles under the main column "Base Line".
  8. Rezafo

    Please edit, change, and correct my writing, and also possible IELTS band score.

    Plagiarism I believe that when something is bad, immoral, or illegal then there's something basically wrong with its existence, and any other things which come to support or stand up for it, is just a justification to find a way to get away with its consequences or its aftermath harsh...
  9. Rezafo

    Does the word "weight" here mean importnace and value, or in terms of?

    These suggestions are also not supported by the scientific weight of rigorous randomized controlled trials, because little in nutrition is. [ Extracted from a passage advising diet issues].
  10. Rezafo

    Can I use this collocation, a pang of lonliness?

    Hello, Based on the definition of the word "pang" as "pain", can I say "A pang of loneliness"? as in: "As his train was fading away in the horizon, she felt a pang of loneliness". Also, is a pang of homesick, of misery, and such like adjectives possible?
  11. Rezafo

    Suggest changes in my writing, IELTS, Writing task 2

    1. Please correct and suggest changes, and assess the likely band score for my passage. 2. I know the conclusion paragraph is pretty short, but tell me how I can expand the idea when I have said all I wanted to say in these two lines, and I couldn't think of any more words. IELTS, Writing task...
  12. Rezafo

    [Grammar] (would like to ) to use it in the past

    can the phrase " I would like to" be used in the past format? when I was a kid I would like to play with my uncle's horse. (meaning that an action that I liked it doing in the past (certain time).
  13. Rezafo

    round up

    can I use " to round up" meaning " to conclude" ? let me round up my talk / words; no one can predict these problems without . . . I would like to round up all the facts I've explained . . . as a round-up, let me itemize the reasons for this kind of problem . . .
  14. Rezafo

    A student of . . .

    Is it correct if someone says: " . . I was a student of Mr. x some years ago " . . or, should it be " . . . I was Mr. X's student some years ago " or, " Mr. X, I was his student . . . "
  15. Rezafo

    Which one is correct? the water is boiling. or the water boils.

    which one is correct? A. The water is boiling. B. The water is being boiled. I wrote the first one, but somebody said that the water looks like the subject of the verb so it must be in passive form as the sentence B. I said that one of the boil meaning is " to undergo the process of boiling"...
  16. Rezafo

    Is there any difference in these two sentences?

    is there any differences in meaning between the two following sentences: 1- where do you want to go? 2- where do you want to go to?
  17. Rezafo

    Miss world vs. World's Miss

    How would you answer this EFL learner's question? ( as an EFL learner) "Why we say Miss World and not World's Miss?, and accordingly why we don't say Light Street, and we say Street light" ?
  18. Rezafo

    About apostrophe "s"

    Hello all, Comprehensive replies to the blow questions are appreciated: 1- Do we use apostrophe "s" even for objects? oxford dictionary example sentence: "the ship's deck was awash with sea water" 2- Is this sentence should be said with apostrophe s, or no it's OK as it is, or both of them...
  19. Rezafo

    How to encourage students keep talking when they are discussing a topic?

    When you are running a free discussion class for ESL English Learners, and although the topic is pretty controversial, still some students do not talk or express their idea within more than one or two sentences. What are the solutions in this situation? What are the tactics to keep them going...
  20. Rezafo

    Acknowldege + receipt

    I came across one of the old posts which it is closed now, and I couldn't comment and put my question. So, here I go: In that post somebody had asked about the correctness of " please acknowledge receipt of ..",