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  1. AlexAD

    Picture - how to describe a damage

    Hi, Please help me to find the best way to describe the damage as shown in the picture attached below. One of the first thoughts that came to my mind was, "One end of the handle was off".
  2. AlexAD

    Is this/that/it a bath tube or a sink

    Hi, I commented a Facebook picture with Is this a bath tube or a sink? and the reply was That's a jacuzzi. Does my question sound natural to you AmE/BrE speakers or would you rather use one of these, 1. Is that a bath tube or a sink? 2. Is it a bath tube or a sink? All the three options sound...
  3. AlexAD

    Dropping t's and d's

    Hi, This text sounds natural to me and I just wanted to ask somebody to proofread it to see if you spot anything wrong and if you understand what is 'an aid', not sure about the article here. Also, would appreciate any thoughts on the subject. Thanks! #English Dropping and softening t's and...
  4. AlexAD

    A man of his stature

    Hi, In the question, 'How much could he possibly drink, a man of his stature?', can stature be replaced with height so this still sounds natural? Is stature more sophisticated or old-fashioned way to say height in this example? When referring to how much one can drink, do you mention their...
  5. AlexAD

    up/down there

    Hi, Here in the US I hear people use 'down' and 'up' referring to the geographical locations, for example How's the weather up there? How was your trip down to Florida? Is it common for Americans to think of a place being north or south of their current location? If you can't tell if the...
  6. AlexAD

    Provide me with vs provide with

    Hi, Can I get rid of the pronoun in this sentence, 'Can you please provide me with the new version of the document' ? I.e. 'Can you please provide with the new version of the document' Thanks.
  7. AlexAD

    Hole in my jeans - how to describe

    Hi, I'm going to make a few calls to alteration shops to estimate the cost of fixing my jeans. Hopefully, you can see the hole in the picture attached. I need to provide a thorough description of what needs to be fixed. Here is what I came up with, 'I have a 1.5 inches torn seam of my jeans...
  8. AlexAD

    grew/got tired of being made fun of

    Hi, Considering this an informal chat, how would you answer? -Why'd you shove off your beard? -Grew tired of being made fun of (1) -Grew tired of being made fun (2) -Grew tired being made of (3) Is any of the three correct? If no, how would you say that? 'Got tired' seems to be exchangeable...
  9. AlexAD

    have beef with somebody - origins

    Hi, I'm trying to understand where does the meaning of 'beef with somebody' come from? Does it get its origins from a situation where two or more animals fighting on the prey while they eat it? Thanks
  10. AlexAD

    Star-spangled banner flag

    Hi, I can understand 'star-spangled banner' or 'star-spangled flag', but 'star-spangled banner flag' confuses me as I consider flag to be a type of banner, which makes one of the words in the combination redundant. Can you please help me to understand that. Thanks, Alex
  11. AlexAD

    'which one'?

    Hello, I was in a room with other guys for a presentation. A guy reading the slide says, -I don't know why it says ATDD concepts.. -Which one? -There (points with a finger) -Ah, ok Does that question make any sense to you? I work with Indian folks who would fire that question every time...
  12. AlexAD

    dress socks vs socks

    Hello, The packaging reads 'dress socks' and this is the first time I encounter this word combination. Is there a change in meaning from 'socks'? Thanks.
  13. AlexAD

    Impossible to register how deeply sad it is

    Hello, Yesterday the world lost a great guy and actor, Paul Walker, in a deadly car crash. I'm sad, my condolences to any fans here, Here is what Jason Statham wrote, Impossible to register how deeply sad it is to loose such a great man. Never heard of register being used in such context. Is...
  14. AlexAD

    operate machinery/machines/a machine

    Hello, In Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, can the underlined text be replaced with operate a machine? operate machines? To me, operate machinery sounds like a phrase come out of the tongue of a layer. Those guys love complicating things..
  15. AlexAD

    progress of the unit - of or on?

    Hi, I got a text from a property manager saying, 'Sorry for the delay. I was waiting to hear back about the progress of the unit'. Is the of correct preposition here or is the on correct one? Thanks, Alex.
  16. AlexAD

    I will be (am) out of the office until Monday, Aug 5th

    Hi, I am just curious is it true that while AmE employs the form 'I will be out of the office until Monday, Aug 5th', BrE would be 'I am out of the office until Monday, Aug 5th'. Or do I not understand that correct? To me the present continuous form fits better since the person planned for...
  17. AlexAD

    Situation: Elevator can't go up

    Hi, I live in a condo with two elevators. One day, I walked in an elevator and pressed my floor but the elevator wouldn't go up. So I came up to the doorman and told him that the elevator can't go up. He asked to repeat, so I thought I put it wrongly. Can you please tell me phrases that would...
  18. AlexAD

    Situation: exchange 5 one-dollar bills for one 5-dollar bill

    Hi, I ran into a situation where I needed a 5-dollar bill to load it into my smart-card for laundry. I walked in a restaurant near by and asked the cashier to give me a 5-dollar bill in exchange for five 1-dollar bills. How would you say that? Thanks, Alex.
  19. AlexAD

    Slang: Have a good one

    Hi, I live in Chicago and I have heard 'have a good one' along with 'have a good day/night/evening'. Is it popular in the US only? It probably takes its origins from the latter. Thanks, Alex.
  20. AlexAD

    each vs every, by vs before

    Hi, 'Each card can pay up to 7 full-fare rides at once, and must be used by the expiration date shown'. Is the by same as before in this context? I am not sure if I am right, but it seems that in spoken AmE they use each for every which is not grammatically correct. Thanks! Alex.