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  1. yunakim

    currently watched channel vs. currently watching channel

    I'm confused about usage of past participles. Here is example sentences. He will watch the adjacent TV channels of currently watched channel. => intended meaning: He will watch the adjacent TV channels of the channel that he is watching now which is right ? currently watched channel or...
  2. yunakim

    Meaning of this idiom

    I have seen this sentence a lot of times, but i don't know exactly the meaning. "It is worth noting that ~" Please teach me :lol: Thanks in advance
  3. yunakim

    Letter to unknown person

    I want to send an email to a person who i don't know except his name. The mail is for asking some questions about his published article. I'd like to ask him as politely as possible. Could you check this mail? -- Dear Mr. (name), I am the one who is interested in your research area. I read...
  4. yunakim

    Which is right?

    I am confused the usage of "in order (not) to". My sentance is as follows: ~~ in order for the file not to spread on P2P systems. ^^^^ But somebody told me "in order for the file to not spread" is right. Could you teach me which is right?