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  1. sundance

    just suggestion

    Dear all I do not know if I'm in the right place to say this but I guess that the administration would not mind to take into account any suggestion which may enhance this site and its services. As a matter of fact i have been to many English sites that share similar ideas but in fact this...
  2. sundance

    Rihhana stupid in love

    I listend to one of nicest song to my heart by Rihhana all the time but i could not figured out wht she mean when saying Stupid in love Oh Stupid in love Let me tell you something Never have I ever Been a size 10 In my whole life.. I left the enging running i wana know wht she mean by a...
  3. sundance

    i want some help on "phrase and clause"

    Dear veiwer kindly help me find books or refference about "phrase and clause" and "types of nouns" yours
  4. sundance

    how to pronounce the T

    Dear all i notice that the americans have a distinguish way of saying the the sound T specially when it is followed by a vowel sound for examble words like "last year"what is" etc.So i wonder i if it is a role or somthing like that