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    [Grammar] Is the "being" needed here?

    Sentence: With regard to the certain information in the screenshot being obscured, it was done for protecting the privacy. PS: By obscured I mean that certain information has been blackened/darkened/blurred in the screenshot..I hope you get what I mean by that. Question: I am not being able...
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    [Grammar] Article "a" or "the" here?

    Sentence: It is indeed a loss of face. Or should it be: It is indeed really the loss of face ? Question: Where and when can the article "a" and "the" be used with this expression (loss of face) ? Can we in our written reply use "a" in the expression to someone who has already said it to us ? Or...
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    [Grammar] Regarding the grammar of the sentence

    Sentence: Is the company who made this medicine listed on the stock exchange ? Question:Is the sentence above grammatically correct ? Thanks
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    [Grammar] Regarding comma and grammar.

    Sentence: I love the way educated elites, who have excellent command over the English languages, scoff at the loonies. Question: Is the sentence grammatically correct? Is the use of comma correct in the sentence? Thanks
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    [Grammar] Regarding article "a" and "the".

    Sentence: It is good to know the media have given space to the/a bench of XYZ (company) tax dispute case this time. In the past, only few news media have given the space to the/a bench of ABZ and PPP merger case. Question: I keep seeing in news papers and on the Internet that the people using...
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    [Grammar] "Were not","Had not" or "if it were not etc."?

    A) Sentence: Had The Times not given mentioned Justice XYZ's judgement on ABZ's tax case I would not have known her leanings. Or should it be: B) Sentence: Were it not for The Times mention of Justice XYZ's judgement on ABZ's tax case I would not have known her...
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    [Grammar] Regarding the use of ''s''

    Sentence: ''Why do unbearable 'internet Goebbels' expect other people to agree with their leanings ?'' Question: Does the word 'expect' need to have 's' at its end? Should it be 'expects' instead of 'expect' ? Thanks
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    [Grammar] Is this sentence correct?

    Sentence: "I think the company has erred by making this hybrid car a/the two door car." Question: Is this sentence's syntax and grammar correct? Thanks, Regards
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    [Grammar] Had or Have?

    Sentence: "In your email on 13th October, which can be read at the end of this email, you had told me that my unsuccessful recharge of xyz amount will be credited back to my bank account in 7 working days." ***"zyz amount" can be filled/replaced with any amount with any currency like $50...
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    [Grammar] Urgent: go or goes?

    Sentence: What will happen if American Airlines go/goes bankrupt? Question: What will come in the sentence "go" or "goes" and why? Thanks
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    [Grammar] Preposition: at or by?

    Sentence: I am amazed by/at your reluctancy to answer simple queries. Question: Which preposition should come in the sentence, at or by? Also tell me the logic behind it. Thanks and regards
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    [Grammar] Preposition: a or the?

    Sentence: There should be a/the facility to omit certain numbers from the Do Not Call service/registry. Question: Which preposition shall come in the sentence, a or the? Thanks and regards :)
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    [Grammar] Preposition: is this sentence correct?

    Sentence:They used to do miss call to each other at night. Question: Is this sentence correct? Are the prepositions correctly used? Does the sentence make sense to a native english speaker? Thanks
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    [Grammar] "With" or "From" preposition confusion here.

    Sentence: Do the rules of my country permit international payment with/from PayPal account? My question: Which preposition would be grammatically correct to use in the sentence? With or from? *I'm pretty confused. First I intuitively selected "from". But on proofread I feel it could be...
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    [Idiom] Idiom for this situation/context?

    Hi everybody! I'm coming here after a long time, but not after a "very" long time actually! I've come here to know about an English idiom which I'm sure exist but I'm not being able to recall it. I know the context of the idiom which I'll explain it here. With the help of my suggested context...
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    [Grammar] Regarding a use of preposition.

    Sentence: "You can get a good job in/at Tories/Conservative party" My question: Which preposition, in or at, would be grammatically correct to use in the sentence? I said the above thing sarcastically to someone. Thanks and regard :-)
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    [General] Regarding parentheses comma

    This is just a general question to know whether parentheses comma can be used "when" multiple comma are following it. Like this for example : "He has ripped apart, the most biased, the most immoral, the most corrupt, government organization". Here in the example the parentheses comma has...
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    [Grammar] Regarding prepositions and an article

    Sentence: "People generally inform the direct message receiver about the direct message through/by/via tweet" My question: Which preposition ( through, by or via) would be grammatically correct to use before the word tweet? I know all these prepositions mean the same but still I want to go...
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    [Grammar] Regarding a use of comma

    Sentence: This is Raj who, I'm told, defended his case brilliantly on a TV channel. My question: Have I use the comma correctly in the sentence? Or, would it be a comma splice to use the comma there? Thanks and regards
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    [Grammar] Regarding a use of verb

    Sentence: "Please accept my sincere apologies for not able to reply to you sooner." Two question: Is there any need of verb "being" before the word able? Will the sentence be correct without it? Regards and thanks