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    what is “fried marbles ”?

    I read a story about christmas. There is something called "fried marble ", I don't know what it is? Is it made of glass or stone or something else? why they put it in a hot frying pan? Could you give me some idea? Thank you very much! Here is the context: At home the students made the popular...
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    "Who are you trying to kid?"

    I can't understand this sentence:Who are you trying to kid? Here is the context:The mirror was at the top of the stairs. Wall-sized, impossible to avoid. I stood before it in a white tunic belted with a sash. Children dashed everywhere, followed by their moms. The women gave me a look--one I'd...
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    "there's no telling what I can do. "?

    I don't know the meaning of this sentence "there's no telling what I can do." Is that mean there's nothing I can't do? Here is the context: It took two more years, but I earned my black belt. That night our family went out to celebrate. "You should wear your black belt,"Alec said. I'd never felt...
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    if that don’t beat a cat dancing?

    I cannot understand this sentence: Well,if that don’t beat a cat dancing! Here is the context: Daddy was almost finished unloading his truck when he saw me. “Didn’t you hear me call you, girl?” I lifted my chin. “We still going to the picture show?” “I’d sure like to,” said Daddy, “but the...
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    What does " a chicken"mean here?

    I don't konw in the following article, "a chicken" means a little chick or a rooster? Once upon a time there was a Shogun who wanted a nice picture of a chicken to go in his tokonoma. So, he went to a very fine artist (Hiroshige? Sharaku?) and said, "I want you to paint me the best picture of...
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    what does "keeping my end of the bargain"mean?

    I can't understand the meaning of this sentence:As far as I was concerned, I was keeping my end of the bargain. Here is the context: Men were providers. They went out and earned a decent living for their families. I’d learned that early on from my father, who’d worked two jobs to support a wife...
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    What does "aggressive"mean here?

    He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, an aggressive form of cancer. Would you like to discribe the word "aggressive" in other easy words? Thank u !!
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    What does "next-in-line" mean here? Here is the context: In our family Mom ran the household. Dad was the chef. He was our go-to guy, especially for anything grilled—beef, chicken, pork, you name it. As next-in-line grill man, I assisted him on the back porch, overseeing food prep alongside...
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    question about the meaning of "fare".

    he said most people would fare very badly in this class because he had no patience with students who don't do the assignments and follow instructions. What does " fare very badly" mean here? It means "feel uncomfortable" or "have bad mark in exam"? The following is the context: During my senior...
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    What does "slam dunk"mean?

    " If you had followed my instructions, this final would have been a slam dunk. " I cannot find out the phrase "slam dunk" in the dictionary, would you please explain the meaning? The following is the context: Next Wednesday, he showed up in class with the results. He announced, "You met my...
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    What does "pick a battle" mean?

    What does "pick a battle" mean in the following article? especially the word "pick"? Thank u !! Picking Your Battles By Lorilee Craker "NO PANTS! I want to wear my pajamas!" My three-year-old was filled with righteous indignation over my suggestion that it was time to get on a shirt...
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    a question about christmas custom

    I read an article about christmas, and there is a sentence(in red words) at the beginning concerning christmas cunstom in America, would u please explain it to me ? I was never one for putting money in that little red kettle at Christmas time. I do something else. Every year I pick a name, or...
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    lived right down the pike from?

    There is a sentence I cannot understand(in red words): Why, Jim Brown, who lived right down the pike from Jackson, was not only smarter, but he could throw Andy three times out of four in a wrestling match. But look where Andy is now." what does it mean by " lived right down the pike from...
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    blonde joke?

    I often see some "blonde joke" on net,and I don't know why in America they like to make jokes on "blonde"? I think blondes refer to those women who have golden air and blue eyes, aren't they?
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    I read an article about Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, just as below(in green words). There are several places (in red words) I have doubt, would you please explain to me? 1.Do you know "Dr. Frank Mayfield"? Is he a famous man? 2.Do you know "Tewksbury Institute"? "Institute" here means...
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    several sentence:)

    The big feet giveth, and the big feet taketh away. what does the sentence mean? Here is the context: After our success with feet picking, Elizabeth and I were feeling pretty good about the three-legged race. And we would have done well in that, I'm sure, had I not stumbled and broken the string...
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    two small questions:)

    1.Tell the "DA" that I'll meet with him next week to discuss the details. I don't know what "DA"stand for in the sentence? Department of the Army? To answer this question, I think you need to read the following story,thanks for your time! 2.When you try to impress others you’ll make a mess. Be...
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    a sentence:)

    Our boat anchored in the dark as oversized swells crashed upon its hull. What does "as oversized swells crashed upon its hull" mean? Dose "swells"meas big weaves here?Thank you ! The following is the context: It was one of those black nights at sea. No shade of gray separated the water from...
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    Two sentences.

    1.For the last ten years, I have led wildlife eco-toursin Costa Rica. What does "led" mean here? Does it mean I am a guide? 2.Jim was a stern-mannered former military man in his late fifties, who didn't say much, but often seemed to butt heads with his son. What does "butt heads with" mean...
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    break into overnight?

    One day, less than a week after the place had been broken into overnight, the store was suddenly invaded by three people grabbing food off the shelves as fast as they could, obviously not intending to pay for it. What does "broken into overnight" mean? The store hand been robbed? thank you!