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    land up a dreaming

    how to give ans if some one say (you may land up a dreaming i always or i loved it can u teach me how to ans of "you may land up a dreaming" what does that mean?
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    correct it plz

    we were there for 3 days and had some reason so
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    plz correct this sentence

    we had there to attend wedding and also to meet sams cousin. we will be there one weekend .
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    is this correct

    thanx for wishing my birthday in advance.but my b'd is not in 5th may but in 6 th may
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    please correct this sentence and help to write for me beautifully

    hey i had jet lagged, had school from next day and also of baby sickness(still have cough ) so i din't get chance to write you even short note. and also sorry for spoiling our plan(past).
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    how u answer for have you reached safely

    if someboday ask you..have you reached safely then how u reply in the past form yeas we this right
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    formal subject

    formal subject to dean requesting for class registration requested for class registration requesting of clas registration requested for class registration
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    had or did

    i had not expected this from you or i didn't expect this from you which one is correct
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    like this brotherhood love is this correct sentence or not
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    rather than

    So love-sick when I'm on my own one friend ans is huh? so i want to write here i think its time od guessing rather than huh or lol its correct or not