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    is this of good or bad?

    Hi :) Can anybody tell me what does this mean: ÎÒÒѾ*ÊÕµ½Äú·¢µÄÓʼþ£¬Ð»Ð»£¡Îһᾡ¿ì»Ø¸´ÄúµÄ~~~ ÅËìÏê¿ Chinese language, as you can see. :roll:
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    in between

    ''There's an ocean in between'' What's the meaning of this group of words? IN between?
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    make believe

    Hi everybody. ''Always I wanna be with you And make believe with you...'' Can you tell me what does ''make believe with you means here? Thank you.
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    Hi again...:-) Now i am really confused, unfortunately.My question is :when do we say ''She doesn't know...'' and when ''She don't know'' ? And what about using ''knows'' instead of ''know'''s the the singular of the third person:SHE When and...when?:-|
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    Hi everybody :) Could you please tell me why is this sentence right? because in my opinion it's not. ''He acted as if he were guilty.'' Isn't this the right one ? ''He acted as if he was guilty'' We are talking about the singular, right? >>HE Then...shouldn't ''was'' be used instead of...
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    uncountable nouns

    Hi everybody :) Is it true that all the nouns below are uncountable :?: I mean they should because that's what i've learned in my lesson, but i still have some doubts owing to the fact i've never known that ''information'', for example, cannot be put at plural :oops: or...''luggage'' bread...
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    brought on

    I don't understand the meaning of this: ''One of these characteristics is that the feeling cannot be brought on by appearances, and must gradually develop between the two people as they get to know one another.'' Any explanation?
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    to chide

    =to tell somebody off when they have done something wrong I don't understand this explanation, more exactly ''to tell somebody OFF'' :-?
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    to be supposed to

    Can you tell me more about the usage of ''to be suposed to'' As far as i know ''Am i supposed to...'' means ''Do i have to...'' Then what's the difference between them? in meaning or just usage ?
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    ''have got''

    Lately, i've heard people using the present perfect of the verb ''get'' when the cation actually takes place in present and i tought we say ''I've got...'' when the action takes part in past and it is continued even in present. So... we say ''I've got'' when we talk about present tense? like in...
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    should go/should be going

    ''We should be going now.' ''We should go now.'' Can you tell me the difference between these sentences? :roll: I understood the diference between the two of these : ''I'll be going in vacation this summer'' ''I'll go in vacation this summer'' And...the difference seems to be that in the first...
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    I have a doubt with the meaning of ''sought''. I looked in dictionary and it gave me the meaning of a verb...but in the sentence wich contains the verb it seems to be an adjective, if i'm right>> ''The Painter in Oil has become one of the most sought after books on technique and the science of...
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    ''I finished studying for the tomorrow exam'' OR ''I finished to study for the tomorrow exam'' ? Can be any of these sentences used? If not, why?
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    ''As''...a word with so many meanings... My question is : how do i know when is necessary to use it instead of ''because or ''while'' and the list countinues...? I suppose it most depends of each sentence, but how?:-D
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    it and more...

    Ok...So i don't really know wich is the plural of ''it'' and i don't know why i actually have the feeling the answer is ''there''...:-| Am i right ...or wrong? :-D
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    pronunciation can i found out the way ''prejudice'' has to be pronounced? I really don't know... Can anyone help me?
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    Can anyone explain me the difference between ''arise'' and ''rise'', if there is one? Frankly, i've just looked for their definition and it seems to be very similar words...:-? So....??:-D
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    again neither...

    ''Neither i don't know all the rules''>>is it correct? can be considered double negation ( ''neither''+''don't know'') ? because..that would mean the sentence is not correct, isn't it?
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    gang bagged

    What does this mean: ''to be gang bagged''?
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    thrown off

    ''I was thrown off when i saw...'' Can you tell me what does ''thrown off'' mean? I'm sorry i can't give you more context...:-(