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    why "are" is used in this sentence

    Hello. I can't understand why the word "are" is used in the below sentence. I think it's redundant. Second, it is more amenable to scientific development than are approaches based on human behavior or human thought. thanks.
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    meaning of 3 sentences

    I need an explanation for each of the sentences below. "If any man will draw up his case, and put his name at the foot of the first page, I will give him an immediate reply. Where he compels me to turn over the sheet, he must wait my leisure."(Lord Sandwich) what does "case" mean here? and...
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    two simple questions

    hello. Is it wrong to say : "John's tall and Tom's too." or not? Is it necessary to say "Tom is too", means that we can not use the short form of is in the second part of the sentence. Is it wrong to say "This is lesson the second." instead of "This is the second lesson"? thanks.
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    off and running

    Although the OSI ideology was initially promoted in the hacker community, upon Netscape’s release of Navigator’s source code, programmers from all walks of life began to offer suggestions and fixes to improve the browser’s performance. The OSI mission was off and running, as the mainstream...
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    explanation about a sentence

    You’ve spent your hard-earned money and purchased this book, so you undoubtedly know the enormous benefits of using PHP, Apache, and MySQL together to create your Web site. But in case you found this book on your desk one Monday morning with a sticky note reading “Learn this!,” this chapter...
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    meaning of a sentence

    what does "Your public servants serve you right." mean? thanks.
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    meaning of a sentence

    I need an explanation about the sentence below.(Even I can't understand in which meaning the words have been used.) Form ever follows function. Good luck.
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    a long queation

    below is a song by Reamonn . (Named supergirl and I think it's a beautiful song.) I can't understand the meaning of the sentences below : 1. You can tell by the way 2.She walks that she's my girl 3.she talks she rules the world 4.I got lost on the way 5.She's sowing seeds she's burning trees...
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    In a song (artist:reamonn song:tonight) I heard : Oh tonight you killed me with your smile So beautiful and wild so beautiful and wild what does wild mean? (I think) here wild is an ajective for noun smile.and the first thing I remeber when I hear wild is a wild animal.I can't understand what...
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    password protection

    "password protection" means protect something with password or protect our passwords against forbidden people ? I think in these phrases stress is on the first word, am I right ?
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    Cloud Number Nine

    What does "Cloud Number Nine" mean ?
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    in "teacher's book" 's is used but it isn't used in "student book" or other examples like "john's book" "cigarette ash" why sometimes 's is used and sometimes it isn't ?
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    five questions

    Q1: "No unauthorized photocopying" means we can photocopy or we can't? Q2: What does "retrieval system" mean in "No part of this publication can be stored in a retrieval system"? Q3: I need some explanation about the sentences below. I can't understand the meaning of...
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    light year

    what does "light" mean when we say "light year" ? (I think it means "happy" am I right ?)