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    [Vocabulary] Gigi

    Hi, What's the meaning of "Gigi" in Extr@ TV series?
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    [General] enlightened rhetoric

    Hi, I've been translating an article during the past few days concerning organizational management. I just came across an expression regarding the subject of trust in organizations which is expressed in the following sentence in boldface: Every manager I work with talks freely and...
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    [Vocabulary] Lucky's

    Hi, Is the possessive "'s" also used, as in the following dialogue, for denoting original ownership/establishment? A: Which bar did you go last night? B: Lucky's In part B, does the "s" mean that the bar was originally established/owned by someone called Lucky?
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    [Idiom] Let's put another shrimp on the barbie

    Hi, "Let's put another shrimp on the barbie" seems to be an Aussie slang. I'd like to know where/how exactly it is used.
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    [Idiom] Good job!

    Hi, Is the idiomatic phrase "good job!" (which, in its approving sense, means well done!, that was done well! and the like) used sarcastically too (that was done poorly! and so on)?
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    [Vocabulary] opposite/antonym

    Hi, Does the expression "to go", used when orderring food as a take-away, have any opposites/antonyms?