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    [Grammar] "for improving" vs "to improve"

    I know, I need to work hard for improving my English. I know, I need to work hard to improve my English. I guess both sentences are correct. My question is, are "for improving" and "to improve" interchangeable? Please help. I'm really confused. Thank you.
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    to improve or for improving

    Hello I want to know the difference between these sentences- a)I want someone for improving my English language. b)I want someone for improve my English language. c)I want someone to improve my English language. d)I want someone to improving my English language. I guess d) is incorrect. But I'm...
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    Memorize synonyms and antonyms

    Respected Teacher, I want to know a good method to memorize synonyms and antonyms. I know I need to increase my vocabulary first. But i don't know any effective and fast way to increase the vocabulary. Please show me some direction. Any small help from your side could be really big for me.
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    starting of a presentation

    Hello, I want to know whether this is the right way to start my presentation. Is there any grammatical mistake in this? "I would like to present the project work done by me during industrial training semester. I have done my industrial training at one of the largest tractor manufacturing...
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    have or take

    hello, i want to ask the difference between- "take rest" and "have rest" i mean if my friend is ill what should i say- "have rest" or "take rest" ?? please help
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    could and would

    please suggest some situations with examples where we could use both "could" and "would".. and let me know if there is any mistake in the above sentence. 8-)
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    not happy

    i know first one is correct.But i want to know why is it so.Why second one is incorrect?:shock: 1)why are you not happy ? 2)why do you not happy ?
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    would be/could be

    which one is correct? it would be good if you come at my place? it could be good if you come at my place?