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    [General] Good Job

    Please help me... A friend of mine and I are going to open a Portuguese course for foreing and maybe in the future we're going to teach Business English. I got just one idea for a name... "Good Job" - Portuguese for foreing course Can you suggest me others? Thanks God bless you all
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    [Grammar] There is or There are

    /Hello, I am here again to ask for your help. If a person asks me: -- Are there any banks on this street? And I say: -- No, there is only one. OR -- Do you have brothers? And I say: -- No, I have just one. Is that right? I think that it isconfusing...
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    About chocolate

    Hello teachers! I am Luzineia, an English teacher from Brazil. I was looking for a simple test for my students but since I have not found any, I decided to write one and I would like you to check the grammar and spelling because (although I am a teacher and study for that) I am not very good at...