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    is there any significant distinction between "on" & "onto" and particular rules when each of them should be used or they are interchangeable ?
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    Fast Track to FCE Workbook

    Due to a number of reasons I got stuck with a problem I have....I am teaching the FCE course based on FAST TRACK to FCE Course book, published by Longman (authors: Alan Stanton & Mary Stephens). The problem I have is the following: I lack the key for the workbook, and it presents a real problem...
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    I got really puzzled with these two. I've always considered them the same. According to certain dictionaries (pretty good ones and not outdated) these two are interchangeable and at the entry for inclose it has only a reference that you should go to the entry for i turn to the...
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    this is one of those texts, choose the best answer to complete the sentence...most of it was ok, but there is one part in it where i just got totally lost :-? :-? :-? "....What cannot be denied, of course, is that some of the most successful video games are also the most violent and it would...
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    adverb trouble

    i got stuck with something ive been teaching this past week....adverbs my question is about 'only'..what kind of adverb is it? :-? my doubt is between 'adverb of degree' and 'sentence adverb'...but i need the right answer, and also why it falls under the certain category... if anyone can...