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    grows/is growing

    Hello, I'm wondering if in this sentence I can use both forms in bold or maybe only the continuous one. With the number of issues that need tackling locally and globally, the number of charities also grows/ is also growing, which doesn't however mean that people are willing to support them.
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    their whole outlook on life is shaped by the early lessons

    Hello, Could you please check if the sentence in bold makes any sense? 1) "The strict views often make people against anything that poses a challenge to a traditional family and anything that they state as abnormal. That being encoded in a person's mind has its consequences as their whole...
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    Most of the neighbours do not react

    Hello, I'm not sure if the articles in bold are correct. I would delete them but would like to hear your opinion. Thank you for your help and suggestions. 1) The most notorious example of this phenomenon is domestic violence in blocks of flats. Most of the neighbours do not react in fear of...
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    In 2019, over 70 00 Americans died from drug overdose

    Hello, I'm wondering if the parts in bold are correct. I provided my suggestions below and would be grateful for any help. A) In 2019, over 70 00 Americans died from drug overdose. In 2020, that number grew to a shocking 93 000 deaths. I would say 'to a shocking number of 93 000 deaths' B)...
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    [Grammar] tense correction

    Hello, I am wondering if the underlined parts are correct in terms of tenses. The fragments are taken from a dialogue between 2 people who discuss how one of them has been perceiving her body in the course of an eating disorder, and how she has been dealing with anger (before the illness, she...
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    at school/at the school

    Hello, Say I'm a teacher, should I say: A) I work at school. B) I work at the school.
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    noun/number agreement

    Hi, I need some help. Which of the highlighted alternatives are grammatically correct? Many supporters claim that exposing children to competition is necessary to build a strong personality/strong personalities, however, opponents argue that it can be harmful to the mentality/mentalities of...