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    how to understand "fail to be anything less than"

    Source: Chicken Soup for the Soul The Greyhound bus has never failed to be anything less than interesting every time I have taken a ride. The bus is always full of characters. The stops are never ending, the people are never shy and the atmosphere is never dull. I understand that "never fail...
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    I am questioning this answer

    Source: Cambridge FCE listening exam paper: Interviewer: When we watch a great 100 metre race on television, part of the excitement comes from the skill of the person describing the action. Well, today we have the athletics commentator Paul Murphy with us. How did you start commentating,Paul...
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    a measure of

    Source: Chicago Tribune By Howard Reich Coltrane's devotion reached its peak with the masterpiece album "A Love Supreme," with Tyner at the piano. The recording gave Tyner a measure of jazz immortality. What does "give sb. a measure of " mean? Could you help paraphrase it? Thanks very...
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    why "into" is used

    Source: my textbook So many French words slowly entered into the English language. Is "into" unnecessary here? Thanks for your help! Jason
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    30 hours missing

    Source: 28 seconds into the video: This is the moment Dizzy, the cocker spaniel, was reunited with her owner after more than 30 hours missing. Is this sentence natural? I thought "missing" is adjective? Thanks for your help! Jason
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    glitter galore

    Source: The next day, a 4-year-old girl named Eliana wrote back. It was the first exchange in what has evolved into a remarkable friendship — nine months of letters and presents and glitter galore. They exchanged...
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    get crickets

    Source: "What can we possibly be thankful for in 2020?" When I posed that question to my kids, I got crickets. What does "got crickets" mean? Thanks for your help! Jason
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    took me in more than

    Source: John Hansen and his 10-year-old son Chase search the streets of Salt Lake City every weekend for the perfect person to take to lunch. Their only requirement is that the person is...
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    develop operational leadership

    Source: school exam papers! TRAIL SAFE! is a unique safety training program designed specifically for National Park Service (NPS) Trail Volunteers, but is useful to everyone! It’s based upon NPS Operational Leadership Training, where the human factor of safety is explored. TRAIL SAFE! captures...
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    build practices and support systems

    Source: The other day I was interviewed by a reporter who was writing an article about how best to find a job after being laid off by. We talked about many specific skills and tasks, and then we hit what I believe to be, in many...
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    no thanks to

    Source: At 0:15, I hear "The Japanese man has had his entry ticket in hand since March but no thanks to the global health crisis he's also been stranded in a town close to the ruins since then." Is it right? What does "no thanks to" mean here...
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    This is a great resource

    Source: "This is a great resource when Gluck treats one of our great topics, radical change, where the leap forward is made from a deep sense of loss.” Can any native teacher help me...
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    leg of life journey

    Source: my own short essay "I came to believe I would spend a lovely time in the new leg of my life journey." I want to use "this new leg of life journey" to refer to my high school years. Is this sentence natural from a native's point of view? If yes, is "in" correctly used here? Thanks for...
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    lead by the heart

    Source: daily express newspaper He looks and sounds a little frail. It simply makes his plea all the more emotional. But don’t be led by the heart. Sir David is backed by a consensus of 500 scientists who have reported to the UN that we are facing a “disaster” and that we need action now. Is...
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    not much of a business

    Source: a novel by Agatha Christie "Canon Parfitt panted a little. Running for trains was not much of a business for a man of his age." Is "not much of a business" a common idiom? Does it mean " difficult"? Thanks! Jason
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    What does "a growing, captive market" refer to?

    Source: Getting back to future parks in the U.S., though, we do have two new parks on the horizon: a new Legoland, coming to New York in 2020, and whatever Universal Orlando is doing with those hundreds of acres near the Orange County...
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    a good set of hands

    Sources: school exam papers When I helped my nephew put some things in his truck at the end of our family Mother’s Day gathering, I noticed his tool box. My dad had a tool box. Whether he was laying down a roof for some extra cash after working a tour on the New York City Police Department or...
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    miss by not hearing

    Sources: Time Magazine from the Editor: These challenges are not unique to TIME, but they are real here and throughout other media institutions. Companies like ours have a particular obligation to reflect the world and the people we cover. We miss critical stories by not hearing and...
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    connect for him The following is from Paragraph 19. "Nothing. His skin was pale and waxy, and he had a glazed look on his face. It was obvious that nothing was connecting for him. He was hypothermic and in really big trouble. Winds...
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    with an agreement to buy it back

    Many parents see business ownership as a better bet for their kids' future than a graduate degree. And in this era of renewed interest in entrepreneurship, some parents described it as the opportunity to control their destiny and have a chance at gaining wealth. Parents often say they would do...