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    [Grammar] The function of Participle I

    Hello everybody! Here is the sentence: Pro-life campaigners say that if the Jones are allowed to choose the sex of their baby, it could lead to babies becoming consumer items. I'm interested in the word "becoming". Is it in the function of an attribute? Pro-life campaigners say that if the...
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    [Vocabulary] Some lexical questions

    "A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas Sparks 1)she pushed two fifty. I wonder why the author used such a structure. 2)Miss Garber was big into the "self" stuff, which put her really ahead of the curve as far as psychotherapy is concerned. a)I wonder why the author used the phrase "was...
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    The meaning of a proverb

    "Never seek to know what the camel thinks of the camel driver" Could you tell me what the meaning of this proverb is.
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    [Vocabulary] What word do you use?

    When we study well during the semester, some tutors let us not to pass our exams, we get an exellent mark for an excellent work during the semester. In Russian we call it "avtomat". I found the word "home free" in a Russian dictionary. Do you use it in such situations? I wonder what word you...
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    [Grammar] Complex Subject

    Word formation Here is the sentence: 1)Television has (proven)an important source of production finance. The correct answer is proved and I chose it, but I would like to know why "to be" is not used in this case. A) Is it the Nominative with the Infinitive=Complex Subject? It is a pity...
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    [Grammar] auxiliary verb

    Here is a sentence: Drinks are carefully measured, seats in the cinemas are carefully assigned (even if the theatre is empty you have to sit in the seat assigned to you), closing hours rigorously observed. Why isn't an auxiliary verb "are" used in this sentence? (After closing hours) By the...
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    [Grammar] Articles!

    Why not visit (1)...Plymoth, the Waterfront City that shaped the lives of. (2)....Drake,(3)....Piligrim Fathers,(4)...Darwin,(5)....Cook and many more who set sail from its harbour? Start your own exploration by visiting(6)....spectacular Plymouth Hoe, climb up Plymouth is best-known...
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    [Vocabulary] Help me to understand these sentences, please.

    "Before he can really register this fact, Kingsley Shacklebolt's Patronus, a lynx, arrives at the wedding bearing a horrifying message "The Ministry has fallen. Scrimegour is dead. They are coming." " This sentence is from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (From WikiSummaries: Free Book...
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    [Vocabulary] Classwork

    Could you tell me how I should write the word "classwork?" Classwork/class work or class-work. Which of these variants are used more often? Links to authoritative sources are encouraged. If I have any mistakes in my question, correct it, please. It's very important for me. Thanks in advance, Max.
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    Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

    1)Where's your wallet? - Oh, I've left it at home. 2)Where's your wallet? - Oh, I left it at home. Which one is more preferable and why? Thanks in advance, Max
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    [Grammar] Double predicate

    Tell me please, if double predicate is widespread in modern English Literature or not. Examples: The moon rose red, shе marriеd young. Could you give me some examples of double predicate and explain to me what it really is. Maybe somebody knows how to find double predicate quickly in texts...
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    [General] What would you choose?

    I Choose the correct variant: Receptionist: Good evening , sir . Can I help you? Mr. Norman: Good evening . I wonder whether you have any vacancies. I want a single room, please. Receptionist: Have you booked a room? The receptionist was very busy at the moment. 1) True 2) False...
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    Could you give me an explanation of this case?

    Here is a quotation from M. Swan "Practical English Usage": 'If we say that something in the future is happening or is going to happen, it is usually already planned or decided, or it is starting to happen or we can see it coming now." p. 210 " coming now" Why "is" isn`t used in this...
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    What tense should I use?

    It had been raining two days running or it was raining two days running. Thanks in advance, Max.
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    [Grammar] Is it the correct grammar?

    What tense should I use and why? We were talking in English for 8 hours. We were walking around Moscow for 2 days. Btw, should I use article "the" in my question? Thanks in advance, Max.
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    What does well mean in this sentence?

    The superb screen shows the redesigned menu system well and is good for watching films, although not as good as the Apple machine. And what is Apple machine ? Thanks in advance, Max.
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    soothe grief or soothe the grief?

    How would you say?
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    [Grammar] What should I use?

    I`m doing nothing too or I`m doing nothing either? The point is that the meaning of the sentence is negative, but the structure of the sentence is positive. What should I use? By the way, could you give me the link where I can find negative words. Thanks in advance, Max
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    how should I use the word kind?

    I mean I like different kind of books or I like different kindS of books? Some years ago a teacher told me the rules, but unfortunately, I lost them. Could you tell me the rules of using this word. Thanks in advance, Max.
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    [Grammar] Which of the two sentences is correct? And why?

    1)The attention draws to the writer`s emotional experience in this article. 2)The attention is drawn to the writer`s emotional experience in this article. By the way, did I ask the correct question? Thanks in advance, Max.