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    naming of a noun

    What is the name of a noun, denoting single physical objects (animate or inanimate) having a certain shape and measurements?
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    A vs. A's

    What is of mordern usage?
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    small letters vs. lower-case letters

    Dear teachers, What's the difference between 'upper case letter', 'lower case letter', 'small letter' and 'capital letter'? Thanks in advance
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    a round-trip ticket

    What does mean 'a round-trip ticket'?
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    [Vocabulary] arrange a plan

    Hello dear teachers and experts, It's been a long time not chating with you. I was ill and was far away from my PC. My question is: What does 'arrange a plan' mean? I rely on your swift and courtesy reply. Pinkgreat.
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    a, an/the in titles

    What article stated above has right to be used in titles? I've seen both of them.
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    combine to

    What means 'growth's suspension' in the sentence: 'Time and the climate both combine to growth and growth's suspension.'
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    Please, correct my sentence.

    'That was why Denikin had been fighting the Reds these four weeks! There it is, as clear as daylight! The truth of the White war!'
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    Can soul be as deep as a river? Can river be wise and old? What means 'My soul has grown deep like the rivers'?
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    get yourself a girl

    Get yourself a girl! or Get yourself your girl! The first one sounds natural to me, because we don't get a girl in particular, we get a certain girl who doesn't belong to us yet. We have choose one out of million girls. Am I right?
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    Can you, please, re-phrase it?

    1) How difficult can it be to get yourself a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning? If you are Britney Spears there is no knowing.
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    [Grammar] Yourself/you/your

    Dear teachers, What sounds natural to you and why: 1. Take a cup of coffee or: 2. Take your cup of coffee 3. Look behind you! or: 4. Look behind himself!
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    [Grammar] your/yourself

    Dear friends. It's been a long time when I asked my questions in here. How do you do? My question today is: 'Make ... a cup of coffe" 1. Your. 2. Yourself. I think that 'yourself' sounds more natural to me, because 'Make your a cup of coffe' sounds silly. But, what's a real explanation...
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    [Essay] saunter into

    Dear experts, What does 'to saunter into' mean in the following sentence: 'Lamont sauntered into the grill-room like he owned the place' In faith, Lena Matveyeva.
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    [Grammar] having taken

    Does such a structure exist?
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    to be occupied

    Can a sentence 'my parents were occupied before they had me' mean how they made me or they were very busy persons no matter in what thing?
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    shall I?

    What is the difference in overtones? 1. I'll tell her. 2.I'll tell her, shall I? 3. I'll tell her, shall I?
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    to tip the scales

    What does it mean in the following sentence? 'They aren't America's heaviest newborn twins on record, but they certainly tip the scales: Sean William Maynard and Abigail Rose Maynard weighed in at a combined 23 pounds and 1 ounce at birth this week, a North Carolina hospital announced Friday.'
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    Please, give a right lexical or grammar comment on the following sentence: 'She approached it via a cunningly circuitous route'
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    What does 'about' lexically or grammatically mean here: 'Rumors are about concerning his resignation.'