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    Like a mushroom/ Like mushrooms

    Do you use the expression "like a mushroom/ like mushrooms"? Examples : 1. Her husband treats her like a mushroom. Poor Anita. 2. The government treat us all like mushrooms. 3. We shouldn't be treated like mushrooms. We ought to know the truth!
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    Pass the parcel

    Hello. Is the expression "pass the parcel" common in your area?
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    knock someone for six

    I've heard different variations of the expression 'to knock someone for six'. I also know the different meanings between "I will knock him for six" and "It knocked me for six". May I ask which variation(s) do you use? Can you give me some examples? Do you use (hit/throw/knock) someone for (a) six?
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    Hot on the heels of something/someone.

    Hello. I would like to know which variation(s) do you use normally. 1. hot on the heels... 2. close on the heels... 3. hard on the heels... If you use one that is not on the list, please type it (up).
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    to go cap in hand to someone

    Hello. Do you still use this expression "to go cap/hat in hand to someone"?
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    San Fairy Ann

    Hi, Have you heard or used this expression "San Fairy Ann"?
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    An e-mail to a cousin

    Corrected version for reference. A letter written to a benefactor who is in his forties. Dear Jamal, First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the on-going help you’ve been providing my family. We were able to get by with your great support, and are forever obliged to you...
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    Concern/ doubt/issue in lieu of "problem"

    Hello. I know that these two sentences "I don't have any problems." and "I don't have any problem with the current system." are grammatical. Do we apply the same principle with other words such as concern, doubt, and issue? a) I don't have any concerns. b) I don't have any concern with the...
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    confirm humanity

    Hello. How do you understand by the phrase "Confirm Humanity"? I was signing up on something and this phrase popped up asking me to tick a box. Is there a better phrase to express "Confirm that you are a human"?
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    Are you intellectually challenged?

    Hello. How do you understand the question "Are you intellectually challenged?"? Is someone asking a) if you are disabled intellectually? b) if you feel there's an intellectual confrontation on a particular subject? Does it sound rude?
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    What is International English?

    Hello. What is International English? Does the following conversation show what International English is? The conversation takes place in a coffee shop between a patron and a barista. Thor: Good morning! How are you? Liam: I am well, thank you. Thor: What are you after this morning? Liam: Can...
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    A horse of another colour

    Hello. How popular is the expression 'a horse of another colour' these days? I have the impression it is used primarily in American English? Do you use it?
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    to be outmoded

    Hello. Probus wrote " ... outmoded British slang." in a response to a post. I understand what the word 'outmoded' means but I have never heard someone using the word in that way. Hence my question. Is it natural? I've heard most people use "old-fashioned'.
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    Be good enough for

    Hello. I know the expression 'be good enough for something/someone'. Do you think 'be enough for' is incorrect? Is it not understandable that it is a variation of the expression? In the film "Crazy Rich Asian (2018)", there is a scene where Michelle Yeoh says "You will never be enough." Is it...
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    Why get a dog and bark yourself?

    Hello. I have an enquiry about the usage of this saying 'Why keep/have/get a dog and bark yourself'. I know that this saying usually involves someone who wants to get a job done and decides to do it themselves after hiring a person to do it. I want to know if this saying can be used in a...
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    Put lipstick on a pig

    Hello. I found this expression 'Put lipstick on a pig' in one of the online dictionaries. I was wondering if it is commonly used in AmE. How about BrE? Is this an informal expression to mean 'palliative'?
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    Seismic or Seismal

    I would like to know if these two adjectives are interchangeable? Is there a time where one is preferable than the other? Are there any idiomatic phrases?
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    First come, first served

    Hi, What other phrases do you know to convey the same meaning as "First come, first served" ? Thank you.
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    Accolade to someone

    Hello. I watched the news today. A lady in her 30s talked about her adverse experience with the cyclone that hit her residential area. At the end of her interview, she mentioned "accolade to the team..." My question is if it's common to use that particular phrase in that situation or she could...
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    Be on the square

    Hello. I would like to ask about the usage of 'to be on the square' as to mean ' honest'. I know we can use it for people. Can we use it for different entities such as a business, an affair, intention and so on? Some examples: 1. The contract seems to be on the square. 2. The business is on...