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    want or would like

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    want or would like

    Rather than being superior.
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    want or would like

    "Would like" does not suggest "authority" to me. And I wouldn't consider "advise" to suggest superiority, rather each term is more polite.
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    tied a rope to his car/tied a rope between his car and the tree

    Although it's obvious that with "the tree bent down" the other end was tied to the tree, I like your 1. and 2.
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    when someone is scared and color goes from their face

    Yes and another, "She paled".
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    Now he came back to thank the school.

    "While it's possible, it's unlikely that the person's surname is "John". How about: Elton John, Olivia Newton John, Tommy John et al.?
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    is play trombone

    It works, but " play trombone." would work too.
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    Now he came back to thank the school.

    OK except for corrections.
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    Meaning of "of say"?

    "...of say" in that context could mean or be replaced by "of, for example" ....
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    To rattle someone's chain (or cage)

    Perhaps not commonly used, but I believe, commonly understood across the U.S. .
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    Word for stuff students need

    School supplies.
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    other than to say/saying

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    "I'm doing this for two hours." and "I've been doing this for two hours."

    They could, depending on status of the "doing".
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    It’s shame when/that people throw things away.

    Basically interchangeable, but using "when" could refer to a previously mentioned example.
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    On the day slated for the visit

    OOPS! Sorry, I misread "slated" as "stated".
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    On the day slated for the visit

    It works if the day had been verbally expressed.
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    Was the meeting happened yesterday?

    ....and 4. Had it happened (before the lights dimmed) ?
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    It's a little early to be sowing carrot seeds, isn't it?

    They can be synonymous and depending on discussion/context between speaker and listener, it could be that the action (planting) is happening at the time of speaking or as general commentary.