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    [Grammar] Following/the following

    I am writing report including a figure and text. When i write a description for that figure, which is right from the below two? "The following figure" or "Following figure" Thanks.
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    [General] usage of semi-colon (;)

    Hi, I have identified a relationship between A and B; C and D; E and F; G and H; and I and J. Usage of semi-colon (;) and 'and' - are they right? If I use comma (,) in the place of semi-colon, it gives me a wrong meaning as I found a relationship among A, B, C, etc., Pls help. Thanks.
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    a serial comma

    It is regarding a serial comma (also called Oxford comma and Harvard comma). I am following APA style which recommends using a comma between elements (including before and and or) in a series of three or more items. My query is this: In a single report, can i use this way only when there is...
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    [Grammar] The word anxiety is derived from the Latin "anxietas"

    1) The word anxiety is derived from the Latin "anxietas" 2) The word anxiety is derived from Latin "anxietas" Which is the right sentence? pls help.
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    [Grammar] Earth is not placed in the centre

    Hi 1) He said that earth is not placed in the centre. 2) He said that earth was not placed in the centre. Which is the right sentence or are both right? For the first sentence, I have used the present tense, because I think it is true even today. For the 2nd sentence, I used past tense...
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    [Grammar] "more efficacious"

    Hi everyone, Is the below sentence correct? "It is found to be more efficacious when compared to xxxxxxx". Thanks in advance.
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    [Vocabulary] "Part of me says that"

    Hi everyone, "Part of me says that" - what does it mean? Can it be used while talking with anyone or any situation? Thanks for help.
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    [Vocabulary] You know what I mean

    During a conversation with a colleague, if he says this below, what does it mean? "You know what I mean" Thanks for your help.
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    [General] go at me

    "For me, it seems as if you are having go at me" What does it mean? Thanks in advance. -JC
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    pls review and rate this essary.

    1. Why do you choose to study a Master degree/ Executive course and more specifically at **** in the Netherlands? I am determined to study the executive course for the following reasons: · To increase my capability as a business analyst; · I believe that Dutch system of education prepares...
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    it's a news to me

    Somebody replied: it's a news to me. What does it mean? The listener surprised or feel good or bad? What's his emotinal reaction to the news generally? Thanks in advance, JC