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    Which way is correct, “Hello, everyone!” or “Hello everyone!”?
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    I just want to be sure about the answer to this question. Is it my parents was/is or were/are? Is the subject parents? Am I the subject “my”?
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    ante meridiem and post meridiem

    What is the correct way to write ante meridiem and post meridiem? I see 3p.m. and 3pm. Are both ways correct? I just want to be sure which way is the correct way to write.
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    got or has

    I hear a lot of people say got in informal conversations, but I want to know when is it appropriate to use the word got?
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    Is it too or to?

    I want to know is it too or to late to get approved to enrolled in the G&T math class.
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    When you are trying to say more than one Monday would it be Mondays only or Monday’s only?
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    Is through the right word in the sentence below?

    Is through the right word in the sentence below? As a personal friend, I have observed Mark through informal visits at his residence and at public venues.
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    grew or grow

    Is it where did you grow up? or Is it where did you grew up? I think it's grow. I want to know where are you from (location).
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    adverbs modifying other adverbs

    which one is this correct? People view things totally differently from each another or People view things totally different from one another or People view things differently from one another.
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    what's the difference between why and how?

    Why are you late? How come your late?
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    live in or live at

    Which sentence is correct? We live at Stone Mountain Park Apartments or We live in Stone Mountain Park Apartments
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    at, in or oon

    When you are teaching at different places, do you teach in or at? For example, do you mind teaching at a different campus, on a different campus or in a different campus? I think the correct way is at a different campus.
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    Of versus on

    Is it correct to write give examples on or give examples of?
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    On vs to

    I know you are supposed to say to when you are going somewhere. For example, I am going to Washington, DC. Is it grammatically correct to say going on? For example, I am going on the retreat or I am going to the retreat. Are you going on the retreat or are you going to the retreat?
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    on, of, or for

    When you are asking some to look at something, do you say on, of or for? Example: Take out the handout on organ donations, of organ donations, or for organ donations?
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    is or are

    Looks. Is looks singular or plural? Example: Looks do matter Looks does matter Which one is correct?
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    Does a comma go after successful? The reason Sarah is being honored today is because she is an inspiration to women that we can be successful, and millionaires with hard work and determination.
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    is or are

    Which sentence is correct? There is no right or wrong answers Or There are no right or wrong answers
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    Material or Materials

    Is material plural or singular?