1000 most important words

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Dec 31, 2003
Let me define "most important words". It's not like "commonest words", so it definitely excludes "simple words" like "a, the, so, very...". However, they are still "common vocabulary" that we use everyday. They are powerful. If you fully grasp them, you will improve your expression skills. I think they are words like "challenge...". My question is, do you happen to know some online resource like that? (It don't have to be "1000 most important words".) Thanks. :)


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Apr 21, 2004
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It doesn't have to be "1000 most important words".

There's a book called "1100 words you need to know." It's pretty good.
Take a look!

It sets daily schdule for learners but they are, somehow(yawn),always fall behind. 8)

For on-line material, I haven't got enough time to search for you, just hang in there. Maybe someone will help later. :wink:
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