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    Cloze excersise answers

    Dear Teachers,

    I have done the following exercise as a part of the learning process. My answers are in the brackets. Did I choose the right words. Please give me the correct words if my answers are wrong. Thank you.

    Popular legend tells that the name-a native American word-means " daughter of the star." It may be or may be true. But .......( from ) the facts, the valley is a heavenly place and it is a happy one. Farms prosper . Small cities, spacious and sparkling .....( under ) , impress visitors ....( from ) the crowded cities. Several millions tourists escape the urban areas every year to enjoy the valley's beauty and breathe the pure air. Many build weekend homes ....( here ). The first settlers cleared only as......( much ) land as a family could farm. But they bulit large barns to store the plentiful harvest . Even today, the farms along Highway 11 remain small , and the ....( barns )
    large. They are typical .....( of ) the Shenandoah Valley, ...(which) produces half of ........(the ) state of Virginia 's apple crop, much of her dairy produce and vegetables and ....( almost ) all her poultry. As you drive down the valley you cannot help.....( but ) impressed by the rich diversity of area's quiet prosperity ....... ( of ) Middleway, a little jewel of a village eight miles west of Charles Town. With narrow shady lanes and ......( hardly ) an advertising billboard in sight, it looked as .....( one ) imagines a village looked in the 1800s.

    .....( but ) it's not just rural tranquility. On autum weekends, the colours of the valley attract bumper-to-bumper traffic along roads that ......(would) be deserted at any ......( other ) time of the year.
    ....( Despite ) this annual invasion, the locals are as welcoming of strangers .....( as ) ever.

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    Re: Cloze excersise answers

    I believe I did this before, in another incarnation, in another virtual reality.

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