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    Is there a list of verbs that do not require "will" to express the future? For example: I leave for L.A. tomorrow. We finish at 3pm tomorrow.

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    Re: verbs

    You can use the present continuous for future arrangements which you have planned for a fixed time or place.
    Im seeing some friends tonight.
    She isnt leaving until Friday.
    The present continuous is common with the expressions tonight, tomorrow, this weekend, etc. and with these verbs: go, come, meet, leave, and arrive.

    Be going to + infinitive to talk about future plans and predictions.
    Im going to work in the UK for six weeks. (plan)
    I think its going to rain this afternoon. (prediction)
    When you use going to go, you can omit to go.
    Im going to go to university this year or Im going to university.

    You can use the present simple to talk about fixed future events.
    Our plane leaves at nine.

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