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    collocation of "claim"

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I’m right with the usage of the different collocations of “claim” in the following sentences?

    1.She filed a claim for compensation.
    2.She submitted a claim for damages against the other driver.
    3.There are many claims on my time.
    4.She claim that he could reduce taxes proved to be false.
    5.I have impressed my countrymen as having some exceptional claims to their consideration.
    6.She came to claim her book.
    7.He claimed he was not informed of the changes in the time-table.
    8.He claims to be an authority on the subject.
    9.The child claim attention.
    10.I’ll have to claim damages.
    11.Persons are not to be their own judges in claims of justice.
    12.I have to raise a counter-claim.
    13.The man at the parking lot gave Mrs. Collins a claim check.
    14.The boy put the dry cleanig claim check in his billfold.
    15.The man told Mary the pictures would be ready Friday and gave her a claim check.
    16.The gold hunters staked claims in the West.
    17.We must know how the first ruler, from whom any one claims, came by his authority.
    18.The baggage claim area is a airport terminology that describes the area of a airport terminal where one claims checked-in baggage after disembarkig from a airline flight.
    19.The legal document which carries a claim is called a Statement of Claim.
    20.A cross-claim is a claim brought against a co-party in the same side of a lawsuit.
    21.A claim right is a right which entails resposibilities, duties, or obligatios on other parties regardig the right-holder.
    22.Did the Spanish and the French both held claim to the Mississippi river?

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: collocation of "claim"

    I'll start:
    4- his/her not 'she claim'
    5- This doesn't work- the meaning isn't clear to me
    9 I'd use a different verb like 'clammers for attention'
    11- This doesn't work for me. People can defend themselves, but no one can be their own judge in legal cases.

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