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    a) Hello, and by the way, why am I considered a "Junior Member"?
    b) Which is the right preposition: "There are many people in/on my job."
    "There are many students in/on my French course."
    Once, a friend of mine told me that there are some prepositions we can "accept". Is she right?
    c) Can I say that the difference between yet x still is that I use yet in negatives and interrogatives and that I use still in affirmative sentences?
    d) Just to make sure, separable phrasal verbs are the ones I can use the pronoun between the verb and the preposition or after the preposition? Like: turn on the light / turn the light on??? Is there any way of knowing when they are separable or not???


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    Re: Some questions

    A- It's to do with how many posts you have made. there's some sort of scale in the software.
    B- It depends on the context. I would use 'in' if I meant that they had a similar job to mine. If referring to the office, etc, where I work, I'd use 'at'. I wouldn't use 'on', but maybe it's differnet in American English.
    C- There are certain exceptions for 'yet'- I have yet to do it = I haven't done it yet. You can use 'still' with a positive or a negative- it just emphasise4s.
    D- There are two types of separable verbs- ones where it's optional, like your example, or where you must. Sadly, you can't tell without checking what kind they are.

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