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    Question learn English

    How to improve English reading ability?

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    Re: learn English

    Hi there,

    Well you just make a magic wand out of a birch tree twig, tap your book three times and you will improve your reading.

    Or maybe not...

    If you want to improve your reading, guess what, read more!

    Find things that you can more or less understand so that you get enjoyment from the reading. Read things that you like. If it has to be children's books then read those.

    I started with Asterix cartoons and moved on to François Sagan novels for French - they are basically better written Mills and Boon but still trash - ideal for the teenager that I was back then.

    I was top in class from all the reading I did because reading will enrich your vocab, improve your grammar and even your speaking fluency.

    All the best

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    Re: learn English

    What sort of things are you reading and how often?

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