A frd has written u a letter & offered ur help in ur forthcoming trip to a foreign country. He has offered u to help u find suitable accommodation. Write a letter & tell him wat u have in mind for accommodation.

Dear friend,

Hello! How are you and your family? I am fine by the grace of Allah. I am very glad to receive your letter in which you asked me about your upcoming trip to abroad.

After receiving that mail I asked about it to my uncle who was recently went to foreign trip, he visited 4 countries in 15-25 days. He suggested me to go with group tour agency because they are reliable and safe and many other people are with you, and one can not feel bore anytime. I have searched on internet which group tour is the best w.r.t popularity and reliability and found some of them are well known and consistent group tour agents; they will provide you various packages according to how many days you want to spend in holidays. For instance if you want to visit 10 days then they will give you different packages or if you want to spend 15, 20 or 25 days then they will offer you some exclusive packages in which your accommodation and foods both are included. I will suggest you to go with Cosmos Tour Agency, it is very old and reliable group tour and they are offering numerous mind blowing packages with reasonable price. Yesterday I called that agency; I have got all the information regarding your tour. They are giving 20 days visits in 4 countries in which Australia, Switzerland, Singapore and New Zeeland are included. They all are fantastic countries where they will arrange rooms in hotel for their every client and tour guides will be available to illustrate you and will give information about different places and your food cost will be included in this package. It will worth you approximately Rs 190,000 per head. I think it is fair price tag for this superb trip. If you want to contact with them for more information, here is the contact number: 017222000899 and it is the site of cosmos agency www.cosmosagency.com

I hope you will be pleased to get all information regarding your trip and will like my idea. I hope it would guide you for your foreign tour. If you go for the trip then do inform me before going. Happy and save journey. Take care.

Best regards,