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    I have been living here (in Germany) for three months. At the beginning I didn’t speak any German, but as I have been studying quite hard my level is increasing. I’m here because I want to make a Ph. D. about Darwiportunism and Knowledge Management, although I’m in Germany my thesis will be written in English. So that’s why I have to improve my written skills. I can say that is really rear that I write something in English. Sometimes I speak, but this language is quite “sleep” in my brain, at least the “active English”; my "pasive English" is better because I’m reading constantly in this language articles, books, webpages and all sort of written material. That is my first contribution to this forum. I will really appreciate all the grammatical, orthographical and style suggestions that you could make to this small paragraph.

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    to make a Ph. D- I'd use 'do'
    really rear - typo- 'rare'
    “sleep”- I'd use 'asleep'
    reading constantly in this language articles, books, webpages and all sort of written material.- I'd move 'in this language' to the end- the way you have it, it looks a bit funny because it links to 'articles', making comprehension a little difficult.
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    Thank you very much.
    I found the feedback really adequate.


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