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    collocations of "make out"

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether here is a correct usage of collocations of “make out”?

    1.His writing is so bad that I can’t make out a word. (discern or see, especially with difficulty)
    2.You can just make out the farm in the distance. (see above)
    3.I can hardly make out the fading silhouette. (see above)
    4.How did you make out with the new boss? (manage, get along,)
    5.She made out that she was innocent. (establish or prove,)
    6.Are you making me out to be a villain? (see above) (imply or suggest.)
    7.He is not such a fool as people make out. (see above)
    8.Jane started making out the invoices.( to write the facts asked for (as in an application blank or a report form); fill out.)
    9.When you make out the bill, please give me a copy. (see above)
    10.The teacher made out the report cards and gave them to the students to take home. (see above)
    11.Mrs. Smith gave the clerk in the store some money and the clerk made out a receipt. (see above)
    12.It was dark, and we could not make out who was coming along the road. (to see, hear, or understand by trying hard.)
    13.They could not make out what the child had drawn. (see above)
    14.Mr. White does many strange things. No one can make him out. (see above)
    15.Charles and Bob had a fight, and Charles tried to make out that Bob started it. (to make someone believe; show; prove.)
    16.The boy said he did not take the money but the teacher found the money in the boy's desk and it made him out to be a liar. (see above)
    17.John's father wanted John to do well in school and asked the teacher how John was making out. (do well enough; succeed.)
    18.We shall make out a list of what we need.
    19.We have to make out a certificate of death by heart failure.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: collocations of "make out"

    They all look correct to me. It seems there are four categories: 1) perception (make out = discriminate); 2) logic (make out = maintain); 3) paperwork (make out = complete); 4 small talk (make out = get along).

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