On ..... 1976, I was born in General Hospital..... I am from ..... My parents named me as.. I stay in .... My family consists of my parents, my elder brother and three younger brothers. I am the only daughter in my family and I am the ... out of .. siblings.

My father is a ....He works in ... dealing with purchasing and selling car accessories which will then exported to Singapore. While my mother is a house maker.

I spent almost of my free time with my family. Usually we go traveling together especially during weekend. I entertained myself by going out with my friends. We watch movies, window- shopping (girls enthusiasm) and hanging around together.

Ive started my primary education in.. Later I attended .... After taken Penilaian Menengah Rendah, I moved to another school taken course in Fashion Design.

During my childhood till I was a teenager, I dream to be a doctor. I wished someday in the future I could help people to cure their illness. Unfortunately, I had to change my mind as Ive failed to score in PMR examination particularly in Science subject. After completed Form 5, I pursue my education in University.... taken Diploma in.... as Ive not exposed to any course relating to Fashion Design. While studying that course, there was several subjects relating to ... in which Ive found my interest to further study on it.

In 1990, my father was transferred to ..... At the same time somewhere in , in 1991 I was offered to attend Bachelor of.... After three years I completed the programme and pursue my education in .... for another year in which I am sitting in the final year.

After completed this programme, I want be a success legal practitioner. I wish I could cure people problems though I cant for the illness they suffer. I might not become a Judge because I wont to be someone who determines people faith. It would be such a tough task and burdensome to take along with.

My aspiration for all this while is my lovely father. He keeps reminding me and my siblings to work harder in whatever we do. The three words he asks us to remember is to be smart, honest and hardworking. He had work distance away from us when I was a child. Previously he had worked in Singapore and Seoul. What I am today is what my father was yesterday. I will not be here without his sacrifice. I am grateful that he is not going to be distance away anymore.