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    yet another a letter of application...

    Howdy, Could you please check out the content of this letter of application particularly paying attention to grammar errors and vocabulary mistakes? Thank you in advance!

    Dear Sir or Madam to whom it may concern,

    In reply to an advert concerning Domino Day 2009 project I would like to put myself forward as a candidate for Domino Builder in this years edition of Domino Day and thereby apply for an opportunity to work for your company.

    Currently I am a graduate student at the University of <whatever>. Earlier I successfully graduated from the same university and obtained a BA degree . At the beginning of May I came back from the EU scholarship programme Lifelong Learning Erasmus-Socrates as part of which I had been given an opportunity to spend seven months in Greece at the University of Patra. This scholarship enabled me to acquaint myself with a different, more European-like dimension of studying and what is more gave me a brilliant chance to commune with many people from all around the world, which as a matter of fact developed into many friendships and wonderful experiences which in a substantial way resulted in ability to cooperate in various bold initiatives undertaken in a international circle of people. It was certainly an extremely salutary experience not only in terms of strenghtening my self-confidence but also in terms of outlook on life and the world.

    As far as my previous experience is concerned, I think the fact that is worth mentioning is my participation and help in organizing free time activities for Canadian citizens who were staying in my country in 2005 and 2006 as part of ESL Summer School. Furthermore, I would like to add modestly that I turned out to be a good English teacher which helped me develop such important skills as cooperating within a group and being its leader.

    I believe that I have the required abilities to become a Domino Builder and be a part of the great opportunity that this job offers/carries/brings with itself? The possibility of going to Holland and being part of people working on the Domino Day 2009 project not only is a fabulous chance to broaden my experience but also brings with itself a prospect of working with people from all around thje world. I will not even try to conceal the fact that for me Domino Day is something more then merely a job. I do believe that it is an outstanding innitiative above all divisions which also gives a dose of jou and can be a source of true enjoyment and satisfaction.

    I am reliable, dependable and honest. I am not afraid of new challanges or high expectations and I can devote myself completely to matters to which I am committed. Moreover, I have a good command of English, and I am also learning German and Greek. I am a meticulous and diligent person who does not lack patience and can display highest professionalism.

    Lastly, I think it is worth noting that so far I have been to various European countries like the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Scotland, Luxembourg, Greece, Norway and Sweden, as well as the USA and Canada. Druing those journeys I had to cooperate with foreigners more than once and I could easily adapt to new conditions and situations, including various cultural differences.

    I would like to assure you that I am fully aware of the expectations and responsibilities arising from participation in Domino Day 2009 thus I will spare no effort to be valuable worker and Domino Buidler in this year’s edition of Domino Day.
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