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    Doubts :: Proselytisation -- for

    1. Basing on a complaint from the hospital's redient medical officer that the woman had taken to religious conversion by distributing pamphlets, the TTD's security staff handed her over to the Alipiri police.

    Here my doubt is: If the woman converted herself, why should the security staff hand over her to the police? The person who is forcefully proselytised is the one who should be arrested, right? Please clear this confusion

    2. Seek respect mainly from thyself, for it comes first from within.

    In the above sentence, For is used as conjunction.. what is such kind of conjunction called? Could you please explain what does 'for' indicate in the sentence? I'm always confused about such sentences in which For is used this way. I find this in many religious books.

    Thanks in advance for your help!:)


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    Re: Doubts :: Proselytisation -- for

    1. in this sentence, "had taken to" is a phrase that means "reverted to" or "had started the action"

    He had taken to smoking a cigarette every time he got nervous.

    2. In this sentence, the word "for" means "thus, therefore, or because"

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