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Thread: The Corners?

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    Question The Corners?

    "That will do, Nancy. I did not ask for explanations. I asked for your attention."
    "Yes, ma'am." Nancy stifled a sigh. She was wondering if ever in any way she could please this woman. Nancy had never "worked out" before; but a sick mother suddenly widowed and left with three younger children besides Nancy herself, had forced the girl into doing something toward their support, and she had been so pleased when she found a place in the kitchen of the great house on the hill -- Nancy had come from "The Corners," six miles away, and she knew Miss Polly Harrington only as the mistress of the old Harrington homestead, and one of the wealthiest residents of the
    What does 'The Corners' mean? Thanks!

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    Re: The Corners?

    It's an intersection, probably the only one near them.

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    Re: The Corners?

    Quote Originally Posted by thedaffodils View Post

    What does 'The Corners' mean? Thanks!
    It is an intersection, but also the name of the little community of houses that has developed on the intersection.

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