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  1. jochenashridge

    Looking for writing guide


    This may be the wrong place for my question, the link to the "General Member Forum", however, does not seem to work. Sorry.

    I just started my MBA programme in the UK. I come from Germany and English is my second language.

    I will have to write many assingments etc during the next year. I am therefore looking for a book/guide that helps me and, more importantly provides examples for, with:
    - how to structure an essay etc.
    - provides useful phrases, phrases you should avoid
    - hints common errors
    - etc.

    Lot of examples would be great. I am not that much interested on general study guides (how to do research etc.)

    Many thanks in advance, and sorry again, if this is the wrong place (where should I put it instead?)

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    Re: Looking for writing guide

    Go to your computer's search engine and type in How to write an essay; you'll find there is a great deal written on the subject.

    All the best,


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