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    Will you share with me your appreciated oppinion?

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to share with me your appreciated opinion concerning the trustworthiness of the following sentences?

    1.How does Hamlet’s monologue go?
    2.It goes like this “To be or not to be?”
    3.The poem goes like this “My love is like a red, red rose…”
    4.Do you remember how the song goes?
    5.Yes, it runs like this….. (Yes it goes like this…)
    6.Can you put it straight? Something has gone wrong.
    7.He may be able to put things straight.
    8.Put everything straight. I’ll be back soon.
    9.The cupboard is all in mess, we’ll have to put everything straight.
    10.Leave it to him, he will put things right.
    11.So there you are! She has come after all.
    12.Georgie checked herself in time.
    13.They checked the advance of the enemy.
    14.I have to check my anger.
    15.He checked himself just as he was about to blurt out his indignation.
    16.Have you checked all your luggage.
    17.Wind acts as a check on speed.
    18.His illness gave a check to our plans.
    19.You have to keep a check on your tongue.
    20.Do you want a stripe or a check?
    21.Will you give me a check for my suit-case?
    22.I caught hold of a branch and this acted as a check on my fall.
    23.She had everything to gain and nothing to lose by marrying such a damn fine chap.
    24.He gained advantage over his adversary.
    25.It was difficult to gain the upper hand over his adversary.

    Thank you again for your kindness.



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    Re: Will you share with me your appreciated oppinion?

    It all looks fine, except "gave a check to our plans." Here, check is from the French word échec, a chess image meaning a temporary obstacle, but if you use it with "give" this interferes with the other check or cheque from F. chèque so it sounds like you're getting a windfall from the wind rather than a disappointment. It's unclear. It can also make the listener / reader think of Anglo-Saxon check, to verify or examine. I'd rephrase that one.

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