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    Check My Sentence Please

    The most beautiful love is the difficult one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volcano1985 View Post
    The most beautiful love is the difficult one.
    Yes, this is correct. However, I would say this is an interesting sentence, and an exception, because in using "the: definite article", one would not be referring to a specific or unique -- one-of-a-kind -- "love". Typically, we refer to something specific or unique when we use "the: definite article".

    It would be more typical to use "a: indefinite article" in your example sentence: The most beautiful love is a difficult love.

    We usually "a" - indefinite article - to refer to something nonspecific. In this case, there is no apparent specific love to which a speaker of this sentence would refer. However, using "the" - definite article - is correct.

    It is very difficult for some students to learn how to use articles correctly, and this sentence - an exception to common practice - does not help matters. However, I hope my reply helps you.

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