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  1. Tam

    How to use "outcome"

    Hi all!
    Please help me to explain how to use noun "outcome".
    It is uncountable or countable or both?
    Thank you very much

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    Re: How to use "outcome"

    It's normally countable:
    We are still waiting for the outcome of the election in Iraq.

  3. Tam

    Re: How to use "outcome"

    Thank you very much
    I like to write more than before because I can get quick help for my writting.
    A big ambition for my writting is that people don't feel irritated to read my paper. I can understand how bothersome to read an English paper from an unnative (this word exists?) speaker. I remember when I was In Vietnam, one day I answered a phone call and the other tried to speak Vietnamese to me but I didn't understand so I asked him to speak English . I am afraid that one day American will ask me to speak Vietnamese because they don't understand my English
    Thank your very much

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