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Thread: business idoms

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    Smile business idoms

    i have difficulty to understand the meaning from ( to) put a stake in the ground, ( to) compare apples to bananas and work down to the wire...

    it will be a big help for me if someone would give me the explaintation of thouse idoms.

    Thanx a lot!!!

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    Re: business idoms

    To put a stake in the ground is to claim something as yours, or to show that you are committed to doing something.

    The expression is "compare apples and oranges" which means you are comparing things that are not simliar (and therefore should not be compared). If the person has changed it to "apples and bananas," there should be a good reason, such as a discussion about the banana industry.

    When you work down to the wire, you are working right up until a deadline. Something is due by 6 and at 5:55 you are still trying to put it together.

    {not a teacher}

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