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    Question Ain't no enemy


    I totally don't know how to interpret or how to understand when people say for instance: "I ain't no enemy" or "I ain't no good".

    Could someone please explain how to understand that phrase?
    Because ain't is a contraction of am not, are not, is not etc. So when they say "I ain't no enemy", does that mean that the person is not no enemy? which means the person is an enemy?

    But usually it turns out to be the opposite of what I thought it means. So I'm so confused.

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    Re: Ain't no enemy

    It is called a double negative and is a common colloquial usage but not a formal one.

    The real meaning is "I am not an enemy".

    To see more about double negatives see:

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    Re: Ain't no enemy

    Oh, thanks a lot! :)

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    Re: Ain't no enemy

    What are you talking about? I am no enemy...

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