The Master of Accounting and Finance offers a combination of accounting and finance studies in order to enhance career prospects and extend knowledge of both disciplines. This master by coursework aims to kick-start student career in the financial sector, by providing knowledge and understanding of issues associated with pricing and trading financial instruments in equity, fixes income and derivatives markets, along with the application of accounting methods and business systems, also by providing the ability to formulate and test trading strategies along with an understanding of how to benchmark and manage diversified funds as well as the ability to contribute to financial planning, control, and performance measurements within organisations. In addition, knowledge of the key factors involved in determining investment policy statements suitable for clients with differing investment profiles.
To qualify for the degree of Master of Accounting and Finance, I have to satisfactory complete 48 unit value of courses. Those courses consist of four foundation, four accounting, four applied finance, and four elective courses. I have made my study plans. The elective courses that I prefer to take are International Finance and Corporate Investment & Strategy, I think both courses would be very useful for me since I'm planning to work at Finance Department at multinational company; Treasury & Financial Risk Management, somehow this subject challenges me to learn it in-depth; and the last would be Corporate Finance Theory, I need to understand the theory first in order to make a good and a right decision in the workplace one day.
By holding this Award, I believe I will gain a lot of benefits from which. Without this Award, I will not be able to experience the international education I have always wanted. In addition, I hope that this Award will boost my self-esteem. I always have a strong interest in working at banking or oil industry, and I hope this Award shall open my pathway to achieve my goals.
Beside personal benefits, I also expect to gain professional benefits from this Award, I hope my qualification as an Award and a Master Degree holder could give me high value-added as I apply for a job.

By studying Accounting and Finance, I will be able to refresh and improve my knowledge and skills in accounting, I will also be able to acquire new knowledge and skills about finance. My goal is to build a good foundation about finance, deepen its theory, so I can easily implement this in the workplace. I believe my future studies shall improve my critical thinking and my problem solving skills, which will be very useful in my career. As a developing country, X still need to build a good economic foundation, by strengthen public sector as well as private sector industries. I hope after my completion of studies in Y country, I will make a great contribution, in the finance sector, to the growth of nation's economy. I also expect that my contribution will strengthen bilateral cooperation between X country and Y country as it will, somehow, reflect Y's high quality education and training provider.