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    Question writing a report

    i wrote this report in patient file but i didnt know was it correct or not so plz i wanna you help and correct me
    70 years old male,he was diagnosed before as DMP elso he underwent to PTCA 2 years ago. he has experinced chest pain fpr seven years .it was intermittent,mild in intensity,burning in character,radiated to all pericardium and associated with sweating,nausea and SOB. the patient has already taken warfarin.
    so is it grammatically correct or there are mistakes.

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    Re: writing a report

    hey teachers where are the answers

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    Re: writing a report

    Quote Originally Posted by ms ana View Post
    A 70 years old male, previously diagnosed as DMP and who had PTCA 2 years ago, the patient has experienced chest pain for seven years. It has been intermittent, mild in intensity, burning in character, radiating throughout the pericardium and associated with sweating, nausea and vomiting. No SOB. The patient has already taken warfarin.
    Medical writing should be very clear and use the correct terms.
    Always follow a punctuation mark with a space.

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