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    EFL K-6 Curriculum?

    Hi All,

    I will be teaching English in Central America and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to where I can find a year-long comprehensive K-6 or K-12 curriculum and/or a curricular framework, preferably non-content-based but not compulsory, geared towards elementary ESL/EFL.

    Challenges I'll be facing in designing this curriculum:
    -In-country supplies will be limited
    -I won't have a lot of money or travel space to invest in materials
    -Little, and I mean little, has been accomplished/established in the program, curricularly, to date
    -Students will be from low-income, "troubled" families
    -Estimated average entry-level proficiency level of students: Novice Low (ACTFL rating scale)

    I have experience with L2/FL curriculum design, but have not embarked on such a large-scale project before, and certainly not for this age group. Any suggestions, advice, referrals, etc. will be of great help.

    Thanks so much!


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