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    Don’t use ‘will’ after ‘When’
    Let’s see these examples:
    1.What time will you meet me tomorrow?
    2.I’ll meet you when I get home from work.
    The second sentence is a sentence with two parts:
    The main part: “I will meet you”
    The when part: “when I get home from work (tomorrow)”
    The time in the sentence is future, but we use a present tense (get) in the when part of the sentence.
    Don’t use will in the when part of the sentence:
    ·I will go to English Grammar class when it stops raining. (not “when it will stop”)
    ·When you are in London again, you must phone me.
    The same thing happens after: while, before, after, as soon as, until or till.
    ·I am going to buy an English Grammar book while I’m on holiday. (not “while I will be”)

    Another confusing Grammar:
    ‘I would rather you did something’. This is not a past tense.

    When you want somebody to do something, you can say ‘I’d rather you did something’:
    ‘Shall I stay here?’ ‘I’d rather you came with us.’
    ‘Shall I tell them the news?’ ‘No. I’d rather they didn’t know.’
    In this structure we use the past (came, did etc.), but the meaning is present or future, not past.
    ·I would rather cook the dinner now.
    ·But- I would rather you cooked the dinner now. (not ‘I’d rather you cook’)
    The negative is ‘I’d rather you didn’t…’:
    ·I’d rather you didn’t tell anyone what I said about English Grammar.
    ·‘Do you mind if I smoke?’ ‘I’d rather you didn’t.
    Some times we can’t write many articles or essay correctly. And also we can’t speak English in a correct way because of our lacking in this type of English Grammar. These confusing Grammars make us confused a lot. That’s why I have create a site: . It provides this type of many confusing Grammars.
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    Re: Learn Some Confusing English Grammar

    Quote Originally Posted by python69 View Post
    Don’t use ‘will’ after ‘When’
    It provides this type of many confusing Grammars.
    The thread title says it all.
    It looks like you've put a lot of work into this site. It's rather unfortunate that you have so many errors (unless they are not errors in Bangladeshi English). Really, there are so many good English language sites on the web without mistakes or awkward phrasing.
    Even the name - the first line - is wrong:
    Advance English Grammar

    A complete blog for quick English learners

    It then just gets worse:

    In English, there are lots of adjectives. These are so much important to decorate a sentence nicely and perfectly. That’s why we publishing some important adjectives below:

    If you weren't advertising it here, I wouldn't comment. But I feel that, since I care about English and the learners who use this site, I have to point out that your standard is quite low. The grammar used on the site is not good. It might be salvageable if you knew someone with good English who could proof-read it for you.

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