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    Celta interview this week, please help.

    Hi All,

    I am starting to feel a little nervous about my upcoming CELTA interview this Wednesday. I was told by the College that there is nothing to prepare in advance, yet from reading forums etc I understand I may be asked to give a 5 minute lesson to the group. The college did say that one section of the 2 hours, is group work.
    Please can anyone give me advice on this, I know I can do it on any topic, so was thinking about either cooking (as I enjoy it) or travelling ( as I am soon to travel round the world).

    Will it literally be a 5 minute talk?
    I realise that talking to a group constantly is not necessarily a good technique of teaching, as interaction is important and students have different learning styles. But, as I was told not to prepare anything, I am guessing that they are just looking to see how we react under pressure and if we can think on the spot to come up with something!

    Any ideas always welcome and appreciated, thanks

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    Re: Celta interview this week, please help.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyler View Post
    Hi All,

    Will it literally be a 5 minute talk?
    Maybe you will fascinate them so much with your talk on cooking that they will want you to continue longer. Then they will get hungry, finish early having given you a pass, and go off for lunch?

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