I have to write a letter to a college, why I wish to do the course.

I arrived to the United Kingdom five years ago. First two years I just worked in a warehouse and was quite about life which i leaded. However, one day I realized myself that with good education I could do more intresting an ambitious job. The only one problem was my broken english.

In September 2006 I enroled on a english for speakers of other languages course at South Ceshire College. I started my english education from Entry 3 and this year I have completed the course with level 2 certificate.

So now when I achived good level of english languageis is time applied for futher education. Although before applying at an university I would like to be more familiar with the english system of education and gain knowledge to study particulary subject at an University. Hence I have choosen course Access to higher education. This course not only let me develop knowledge neccesary for the higher education but also let me improving my english.

I left my school in Poland at age of 18. The diplom which I recived does not allow me to study at an university. As far as I know most of the Universities in the United kingdom recognize the Access to higher education diploma.

Applying for the course is a huge step forward in my education and I reckon the course the most apropriate for me from all courses which the college offers.