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    What should I do about fluency

    Dear Teachers,

    I know english and have been learning/speaking it for a long time now. But it's not my primary language and I make mistakes time to time and I'm not still fluent in it.

    what should I do to be fluent and speaking it without any type of grammatical mistakes. I learn it as and when I can but some things like for example a word phrase "out of blues".... even if i learn english for a long time, i don't know such words and phrases, what should i do to know english like a native speaker.

    The thing is, when I was kid and when i'm at the lower job positions, it's not an issue, but as I grow in my career, people expect me to know proper english, they expect that if i write an email, there would be no mistakes in it, although i most of the times don't make mistake, but if i'm a manager and i make a single silly mistake in grammar, that makes a wrong impression on client.

    Hope i made myself clear. Help me out here.

    Thank you very much.

    Hope to listen as many people as possible. Thanks again.

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    Re: What should I do about fluency

    I remember when I first learned Japanese, it was very difficult to learn even though I was living and working in the country. Fluency does not take place over night as I think you already know. The best thing to achieve fluency is to speak it and interact with a native speaker as often as possible.

    With technology at our fingertips, I would suggest that you become part of an online learning community. Even better, find a friend that would be willing to speak with you through Skype or Yahoo online. Most people are anxious to help someone like you learn to speak better English.

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