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Thread: straight shot

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    straight shot

    There's some conversation between a men and women. They are at the beach and preparing to drive with some boats.

    - Good morning.
    - "Good" would have been at 10:00.
    - You're a lot taller than I remember.
    - You ever ride one of these?
    - Not on the Hudson.
    - So, what do you wanna do? Race me around the Statue of Liberty.
    - If there's time.
    - All right, I give. Where do I change?

    - So we'll go past the wall, then take a left. It's pretty much a straight shot from there.
    - Straight shot to where?
    - That's for me to know and you to find out.
    - What you do with these babies is...
    - Yeah, what I do with this baby is kick your ass.

    I don't understand what were they thinking with babies (maybe boats?) and I was looking into the dictionary to find what means shot, but I didn't find appropriate translation witch it has a sense to this conversation. So, please, if could someone explain what means straigth shot there (maybe some road....)?
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    Re: straight shot

    It means that from the wall to the mysterious destination the path, or route, is a straight line - one with no turns or curves.

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    Re: straight shot

    As far as the use of babies is concerned, you're right, they're simply talking about the boats. It's used sometimes as a complimentary term for all kinds of things.

    For instance, one of my friends had bought a very expensive pair of shoes. She entered a party wearing them, and said to the whole room "Now, come on, what do you think of these babies?" whilst pointing at her new shoes.

    My ex-boyfriend, when testing cars, would say "Let's see what this baby can do" when he was about to put it through its paces.

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