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    "be subject to"

    Dear Teachers,

    1. Can I use either a "noun" or a "verb" after "be subject to"?
    2. In the sentence "The price will be subject to change."
    Is "change" a "noun" or a "verb"?

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    Re: "be subject to"

    1 It depends what you mean by 'verb'; a verbal noun is OK:
    either 'subject to change' (noun) or 'subject to being changed' (verbal noun).

    2 It's a noun, although in this case it doesn't matter; I mean, the speaker/writer doesn't care and the hearer/reader would be very unlikely to ask 'Do you mean that as a verb or a noun?' In fact, I'm not sure what the question could mean.

    In any case, things are 'subject to something. That 'thing' can be either a noun or something that does the same job.

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