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    Business language

    How to make a good expression in the business email that you are willing to work with them.
    Thank you for any tips.

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    Re: Business language

    Hi - Do you mean to make a good impression in the letter you're sending?
    You may tell them how you came to know the company, why you wish to work there, what of your qualities you think meet their needs etc. In other words, do you homework and know about the company and in writing, be clear and sincere - check your letter carefully so you don't have a bad impression with many mistakes. In the end, you may say " I am looking forward to the opportunity of an interview" etc.

    hope this will help.

    good luck

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    Smile Re: Business language

    Quote Originally Posted by Jolita82 View Post
    How to make a good expression in the business email that you are willing to work with them.
    Thank you for any tips.
    There are a number of ways to express this, and it really depends on the context and exactly what you want to say. There are different degrees of formality, depending on the circumstance. I'll give you a few examples:

    We look forward to working with you.

    We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise as we move forward on this project.

    We are glad to have the opportunity to partner with XYZ Corporation. It is sure to be a mutually beneficial experience.

    We are pleased to accept your invitation to work with XYZ Corporation on this advertising campaign. We look forward to combining our resources.

    It is our honor to team with XYZ Incorporated in order serve our client ABC Corporation.

    Is this the kind of thing that you were looking for? You could post what you would like to write in your email, and I'll correct it and make suggestions.

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